Nadia Bloemendaal

  • Assistant professor on extreme weather risk under climate change

Nadia Bloemendaal is a climate scientist studying how extreme weather risks, such as tropical and extratropical cyclone risk, are changing under climate change. Nadia holds a dual affiliation: she is assistant professor at the Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and she is a climate scientist at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Prior to becoming an assistant professor, Nadia worked as a postdoc on collaborative projects with Allianz and Columbia University (New York). In both jobs, she actively engaged with the reinsurance industry and contributed to better understanding tropical cyclone risk under climate change.

In her PhD research (2016 – 2021, cum laude), Nadia built a fully statistical model to generate synthetic tropical cyclones under present and future climate conditions. This model (STORM) and the associated datasets, has received a lot of international recognition from within and outside academia. For her work on tropical cyclone risk, Nadia has won the 2024 EGU Arne Richter prize for Outstanding Early Career Scientists, and she has attracted industry prizes from Lloyd’s and Allianz. As a tropical cyclone expert, she also makes frequent media appearances in national and international media, such as Atlas (NPO2), CNN, Le Monde, and Arte.

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